I’m originally from Brandon, Manitoba. I found my passion for clay about 35 years ago in Winnipeg, where I took a class with some inspiring young professional potters.

My love for clay deepened in Waterloo Ontario. I became a member of the local Potters’ Co-op while also finishing a degree at the University of Waterloo that included courses in Fine Arts and Music (my other life passion).

With school behind me, I promptly bought my first wheel and kiln, and set out to make my mark in the world as a potter and ceramic artist. From the beginning, I was especially drawn to the creative and expressive possibilities in clay. I entered the world of contemporary ceramic art, exhibiting and selling my work in galleries and exhibitions throughout Ontario and beyond.

In 1992 I moved to New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy where my work has flourished. To this day the wild and rugged character of this coastline strongly influences my work.

I’m grateful for the ongoing support and interest in my work, that it resonates and connects with some people.  I’m also grateful to still find meaning and excitement every day in the studio as I cut off a fresh piece of clay, set rocks into a new mandala, or unload a warm kiln of finished pottery.