This fun activity is one in which everyone can play a part in creating one large mosaic! This past year I’ve participated in several special events for which I designed, prepared, and created community mosaics in the actual communities with the help of the public.

In brief, I’ll bring the backing board, all materials needed and a design prepared in consultation with you to your group or community. Each person who participates is given a small area to express themselves in, or helps cement material in a larger area with me. ‘Many hands make light work’… the results have been quite wonderful, and the finished piece is something your community, group, or place of work can proudly display.

All ages can take part and I’m there to help and guide so everyone regardless of abilities can take part. This concept could be adapted easily to be a workplace team building activity or a fun project for any other group you may be a part of.

In the photos are mosaics made in Alma NB (Lobster Theme),  Hillsborough NB (Train Theme), Riverside-Albert (Covered Bridge) and Anglophone East School Division (Anchor Theme – for their Heritage Fair held at the Albert County Museum.

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