Raku firing is an exciting and dramatic way to fire pottery, and I’m happy to share this experience with you! I offer a one day workshop, a two day workshop, and a custom firing day for practicing potters. Get a few friends or the family together and let’s make a raku date!

One Day Raku Workshop

You get to choose three pieces I’ve made ahead of time to glaze and fire. (Things like small decorative vases, dishes, bowls, tiles, pendants). You’ll paint them with the glaze of your choice, then witness their transformation through fire and smoke into beautiful and unique works of art that you’ll take home with you. I’ll walk you through the process as we go, explaining the methods and techniques I’ve developed and mastered over many years as a raku potter. No previous experience is necessary! This workshop is about 4 hours long and additional pieces can be purchased and glazed at a nominal cost once you’re here. 

Cost: $120 plus tax per person, min. 4 people. Snack and refreshments included.
(This workshop is mobile, there is the option to bring it to you!)

Two Day Raku Workshop

On the first day (a 3 hour session) you’ll make 3-5 small pots in my studio. I’ll guide you and show you techniques in hand building and/or wheel throwing so that you’ll have your own original pieces to raku fire. Your pieces need 2-3 weeks to dry and be bisque fired. You’ll then return for the second session to glaze and raku fire them and take them home. (Approx. 4 hours long)  Very exciting! 

: $240 plus tax per person, min. 4 people. Snack and refreshments included.

Custom Raku Firing

I’ve enjoyed opening my studio to other potters and artists to raku fire their work and share my techniques.  Just load up your bisque ware, bring it over and you can use my glazes or bring your own. I’ll raku fire them for you as I do all my work (or we can do it together) and you take them home with you at the end of the day. I’m open to trying other techniques if you’d like to experiment, such as Obvara, ‘naked raku’ using slip, horsehair and feathers, etc.

Cost: $600 plus tax (I’m a work horse… bring lots of pots!)

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