Mandalas, used to focus attention, help in meditation, and induce a ‘wondrous state of mind’ have fascinated me for a long time. I’ve also been inspired by living on the Bay of Fundy for most of my working life as a ceramic artist. I live and work in the midst of the four elements of earth, fire, air and water. These powerful influences have come together in this exciting show of new work.

This collection can be seen at Handworks Gallery in Saint John NB April 27-May 30. The opening is on the 27th from 5-8 pm, and all are welcome to attend.

I hope that each piece will resonate with the viewer as I strive to create a harmonious balance and invoke a deeper appreciation of nature, a ‘wonderous state of mind’, through the power of the Mandala.

Thanks and gratitude to ArtsNB for supporting my vision.